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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Get out of that Bible and get into my heart!

This afternoon on the way to Respite, I told Peniel that I sent his teacher some photos of his baptism, since she is also a Baptist. This lead to a conversation about baptism, and why people are baptized. Jeremiah piped up from his car seat and asked: "Why did Pepe get baptized?" I allowed Peniel (aka Pepe) to answer his little brother's question, but I prompted him just a little. It went something like this:

Peniel: You get baptized when you get Jesus into your heart.
Jeremiah: I want to get Jesus into my tummy.
Peniel: He doesn't go in your tummy, he goes in your heart.
Jeremiah: (pointing to his heart) but how does he get in my heart?
Peniel: You gotta ask him to get in your heart.
Jeremiah: Okay. (pause) So he gots to get out of that Bible and get into my heart? 

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