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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week One Done

So it has been one week since our new kids joined our family. So much has happened in one week, namely, I have lost five pounds and about 40% of my brain cells, and I can no longer complete a sentence without trailing off into a fog. Having gone on a few mission trips, including construction project trips, I can honestly say without a doubt that I am exhausted. I have never been this tired in my life. But yes, tired and happy. The kids are wonderful. They came with lots of baggage, but they are wonderful.
My five year old can cuss you out in just a few seconds. He knows words I had never heard in college. He knows how to use them. He can cuss you under the table in no time at all. Today, I was thrilled to hear him say "Shut the heck up!" to his baby brother, rather than: "Shut the X#$% up!" like I was hearing a few days ago. He is a precious, little, dark-haired boy with tiny teeth and big brown eyes. He wants to do right, and he wants to be somebody's little boy, but he is so angry. He has been hurt by so many adults, that he just lashes out at everyone.
My "middle child" came to me with chronic diarrhea. His paperwork says that it started on March 9th, which is why I am calling it "chronic." I took him to the pediatrician where he wailed and screeched for her as he has for me for an entire week. He makes sounds like a wild animal when I  change his diaper. The diaper contents look like guacamole, refried beans, or well . . .use your imagination. He just can't shake his tummy troubles but it hasn't hurt his big appetite. He loves all foods, and he loves John! He won't take a nap unless it's laying on John's chest or being rocked by John.
My little girl is just sixteen months old. She is funny, with a bossy little personality, walking around sticking her finger in everyone's face and saying "No!" She loves carbs and has such chunky little legs you would swear she was my biological child. Our plan is to change her middle name to Joy when she is adopted.
We are slowly falling into a routine. John is home for SIX WEEKS!!! on paid leave!!! I am overjoyed, and with his help, we are getting it done. I always thought I was so good with children. It's a different world with these guys. John is so good with them, so patient, and so gentle. I am so blessed to have him as my partner.
We have gates up in our house, we have covers on the electrical outlets, stoppers on the drawers. There is never a dull moment! well, there wasn't before!
Pray for us, because the kids are still "foster" until the biological parents are terminated. It will be a long, hard road. Nothing wonderful ever comes easy, right?

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  1. Umm. I think that next to the last sentence should say, "parent's rights are terminated." Or did you take out a hit on them? LOL!