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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This morning, all four boys received awards at school. Here are some photos of each of them receiving awards. First pictured is Mitchell with his fifth grade class. He got awards for perfect attendance (since he has the immune system of a wild animal) and also for good behavior. He is wearing a red t-shirt that I bought him for the first day of school. It says: "I put the ME in AWESOME."

Here is Samuel with his fourth grade class. His teacher is standing behind him at the microphone. She and Mitchell's teacher are both expecting baby girls this year. Samuel received awards for perfect attendance, honor roll, and good behavior. Go Samuel! Go Straterra!

Here is Peniel with his second grade class. He has a very sweet teacher who is fluent in Spanish. Today he is wearing a Georgia Tech T-shirt since I told him that John is a big Tech fan and that Grandpa used to teach math there.

Peniel won awards for good behavior and honor roll. On his report card, he got all A's with only one B in math. And it was a high B!

 Last but certainly not least is Jeremiah or Piggly Wiggly as we like to call him. Jeremiah is in Kindergarten this year. He has never been on the stage in the gym and he was very excited! He is the youngest and smallest child in his class and still received awards for perfect attendance, honor roll and good behavior! Go Piggly Wiggly!

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