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Monday, October 18, 2010

If you could have ONE wish? Okay, two . . .

Last night after reading to the boys (Hank the cowdog, of course), Peniel just could not get to sleep so I stretched out on the bottom bunk next to him. Mitchell and Samuel were in their bunks and we were just talking softly trying to wrap up the day. Mitchell looked down at me from the top bunk and asked (typical Mitchell): "Melissa, if you could have just one wish, what would it be?"
I answered right away, "I would wish to have a baby." "Oh yeah," he said, "Well something besides that, like if you could have two wishes." "Okay," I answered him, "If I could have two wishes, I could wish to have a baby, and to publish a best-seller." Peniel asked me what a best-seller is, and after I explained it, Mitchell said, "Oh, I know what I would wish for! I would wish that every book I write would be a best-seller and then I could buy a house for my mom to live in." "That's very nice," I replied, suddenly interrupted by Samuel who I thought had fallen asleep.
"Um, hello? Anyone ever heard of pollution? Or anyone ever heard of GLOBAL WARMING?" His voice got louder and louder as he rambled on about world poverty and the rising cost of fuel and . . . "Uh, not to mention THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES! Have you guys ever watched THE NEWS? All you can talk about is publishing a best-seller!"
Looks like Samuel may be a democrat . . .

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