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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kindergarten is GREAT!

P & J have been with us since June and I have to tell you that I LOVE having a Kindergartner! I mean, I love all my kids but it is so fun to see how excited Jeremiah is about school. He is learning so much, so fast, every day.  He comes home excited about letters and numbers and songs he has learned. We bought him some bathtub soap crayons and he could literally spend hours and hours in the tub writing letters and numbers. The first day with the bath crayons, Jeremiah wanted me to draw the letter I so he could copy it. I drew the letter I while he floated around in the tub and we talked about I words. Then I added the letter T and we talked about how we had written the word IT. Jeremiah was confused about the word IT and the word IS so I had written both words.  The next day, I went into the bathroom and Georgia had just taken a shower. She had written below our words. The shower walls now read: IT IS LOVE.  The next day, Jeremiah was talking about the letter D while in the tub and we got into a discussion on the difference between letter B and letter D.  I had written the words DOG and BIG while talking about D and B words.  John got out of the shower the next morning and asked "Why does the shower say IT DOG BIG IS LOVE?"

This is what the bathtub currently looks like:

It's a special bathtub.

Jeremiah's sweet teacher sent me some pictures from the first field trip. I had to work that day, so I am very grateful for the photos. They are so cute! Here is Jeremiah with his class:

Here are some other cute ones:

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